Problems Associated With Obesity

Obesity is a growing problem not just in America – but all across the world. We are constantly attracted to consuming foods that are high in fat and have a negative effect on our bodies. Also we are not exercising or doing anything that is remotely considered to be exercising. By doing this we are letting ourselves become overweight.

Being overweight can affect our lives in a negative way. There are many problems that are associated with it and that can keep us from truly living our lives to its fullest. These problems will hurt us both physically and emotionally and can affect the people around us.


The majority of people who are overweight may act like they are happy with themselves – but inside they are tired and they feel like they do not belong. Their self esteem has been shattered and they do not feel beautiful, hansom, and do not have the drive to do things in life that many people would enjoy. This problem can affect a person in such a big way and can trickle down to the people around them including their children.

Health Risks

Not only is their self esteem shattered and holding them back – but their health is at such a high risk for serious conditions. People who are obese are at risk for type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, strokes, sleep apnea, and coronary artery disease. In order to combat one or more of these conditions they have to take medications and will be restricted to the things they are allowed to do.

Passing It On

Many parents who are obese do not fully understand the impact that they have on their children and how they are able to influence them. Children will follow the example that their parents have set for them. It is not a surprise to see a parent who is overweight and have their kids be also. They are not watching what they eat or how much of it they are eating. Because of this they are hurting their children and passing on their problems to them. The only way to help them is to end the cycle yourself and to lose the weight.